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Welcome to the musings of a 3rd generation Punjabi who refuses to choose just one box.  Salwars to Cullotes, Phulkari to Frills, Lassi to GnT's  - together make-up my beautiful world. 

This is my blog, thank you for coming! Take some time to look around, check out my top picks, read my blogs and connect. 

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The PravandTonic Way of Life​

We're all on different journey's, at different phases of life and have different takes on it all but I think what we all have in common is trying to find a balance.  Asimilating  into the western society we've been raised in but still holding on to our culture and heritage - personally I don't think we have to choose one. And that's what I love -  its the reason I travel, it's what influences my fashion choices and sets the path for the reasons behind my thoughts on societal norms we really need to change - yes even in Australia (I am a feminist after all).


My blogs will help you differentiate your lotans from your jhumkis, guide you on how to access it all (we all love online shopping) and keep you in the know whether it be music, movies or celebrities. I'm priviledged to have a like minded network and look forward to collabrating and sharing it all with you! 

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