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3 Tips To Make Your Tikka Stay In Place

I love my tikkas, the bigger they are the better and if you choose the right one you really can rock them at nearly any occasion. 

I know a lot of people who dread the thought of wearing a tikka because they are too uncomfortable, they fly around, they are heavy and fall down half an inch while you wear it or simply because they feel overdressed with one on while this can all be true, it sure shouldn't stop you from wearing one. 

If you are already contemplating it then you just need a little nudge to wear it; as Audrey Hepburn put it “life is a party, dress like it” 

Don't worry about being overdressed or out of place and if you aren't sure then just keep the rest of your accessories minimal so your tikka really stands out and doesn't get washed away in a sea of "bling". 

So here are my tips and tricks to make your tikka stick:


The first starts before you even pick up the tikka and it's all about the right texture for your hair. 

Back combing the crown of your hair or teasing it will add the right about of texture to give your pins something to grip to and hold. Pl

us who doesn't love a little extra volume. 

Personally I am still trying to master the back combing part so I blow dry my hair to create the volume I need. 


That tiny little hook on the end of the chain, don't let it fool you to think that's all you need to keep your tikka in place. Loop a bobby pin through this and then use extra bobby pins to make an "X" and secure it. 


Quite literally to stop your Tikka flying around the best trick is to actually stick down the part that sits on your forehead.  

I use eyelash glue (just make sure it's clear drying)  because I always have it in my make-up drawer. A good glue sticks well so you don't need to smother it on just a small amount directly onto the back of your tikka and press it down onto your forehead until the glue as dried. 

The other option is to use double side tape - this is great because you won't fall into the issue of glue running down your forehead if you start to sweat (yes that has happended to me). I would carry extra with me though if it's going to be a long day as the tape can loose it's stickyness after a while! 

So there you have it and trust me these tips and tried and tested and they work! They ensure your tikka is dance proof and sweat proof and not flying around imitating a passa or doing back flips and ruining all your photos! 

Try it out and share your pics with me and spread the tikka love!

xo Prav 

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