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5 Things to know when choosing an Engagement Outfit

Updated: May 10, 2020

I’m yet to have a friend not have drama with their engagement Lehengha - maybe it’s a lesson in disguise for us all to expect little set backs with wedding plans to come?..

Living in Australia (Perth especially) we are pretty limited with our options and most of us resort to online ordering to get the latest styles.

So here's five pieces of advice from my experience:

1. Start looking early to allow time for delays and alterations. I would leave it not later than 2 months before the event. Most online sites need 6 weeks for orders and most designers need a 3 minimum. Luckily shipping from India usually comes within a week.

2. If directly paying a designer or boutique use a money transfer site - do not direct transfer to their bank account

I was all set on my outfit and went ahead with the order with a well known designer but ended up changing my outfit completely because the money was lost between accounts - I’m still waiting for the credit back.

I’ve used western union, world remit & PayPal with no issues

3. Do not be lazy and put those heels on when you measure your Lehengha length

- I decided to just estimate on my tippy toes and the end result was me wearing morjeh (super comfy for dancing though )

4. Wait for your outfit to choose your jewellery - this seems obvious but in an attempt to be organised I ordered mine ahead of time and changed my look completely once it arrived. It’s hard to tell what colours and what shade of gold will go perfectly until you pair it up in person. Luckily I could visit Paras Fashions in Surrey the day before and sort it all out.

5. Think about the look as a whole

Colours, makeup , jewellery style & hair. This is the key to ensuring everything compliments and you work your own style

I knew I didn’t want a heavy outfit, but I still wanted it to have that wow factor and lots of flare. For my makeup I chose Jayna Marie over the hundreds of Vancouver artists because I knew she could create that soft glow with a romantic up do. It's so important to choose an artist based on their style of makeup.

I can’t end this without shouting out to my own style team Serina Gill MUA and Neetu Sidhu Artistry who teach me that there is no such thing as too heavy makeup or too much lash - it’s all in the application and look you are creating. My amazing cousin - Reshem threads who helped me design my custom made outfit and my big sister who is the voice of reason amongst all the creative flare.

Hope this helps you all in your future outfit planning.

The most important thing to remember is that there are no rules and you don’t have to follow the norm or the current trends as long as you be you

(or whichever personality you are channeling that day )

Xo Prav

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