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All The Channels You Need To Know For Your Next Dance Session

Dancing around the house is pretty much one of my favourite things to do and I know that I am not alone. It's even better when you have your crazy friends over to join you in these impromtu dance sessions ( some of which you then decide to film and embarrsingly share with other people). It's also my favourite way to entertain my nieces and nephews, we refer to them as "Dance Parties" and there is nothing better than watching them copy steps exactly how you used to when you were little. Dance parties also work via Skype by the way! Just another way techonology keeps us connected I recently tested this out on my 18 month old twin nieces in who live in Dubai, they went from totally blanking me to bopping away to 'Sweety Tera Drama' (from Bareilly Ki Barfi) right on cue! It was a proud moment. 

Recently I have started rehearsals for an upcoming performance and so naturally my group and I took to youtube for all our dance step inspiration. There are so many great channels of solo and group dancers out there and I've rounded up all of my favourites, for you next dance session - and you will definitely want one after watching some of these. 

1. BhangraFunk

These guys are Ah - mazing! Every routine is full of attitude and energy, their dance off style set up sees different duos/trios face-off to the same songs. You instantly want to copy their whole routine and as soon as you do realise it's so much harder than they make it look! 

It was so hard to choose just one favourite video, this one is a cool mashup for you, no doubt you will be hooked on watching all of them. 

2. Manpreet Toor

Those of us who are constantly on the look out for hindi songs and performances will be familiar with Manpreet and Naina who gave us that goal worthy  Channe ke Khet Mein performance and many more at events like Bruin Bhangra.

A few years down the track and Manpreet is flying solo but still releasing dance videos (and so much more!) Watching her makes us all feel like we can be in a music video, but lets be honest it's hard to match her expression and grace (even when doing gidha!). 

I only know the song Paranda after watching her dance to it on repeat, her Gidha Dance off is also a favourite - who knew you could have a dance off with yourself? 

3. Poonam and Priyanka

I don't know much about classical dance but when I saw these girls performing I was in awe!

These girls even made it to India to perform in a coffee commercial! Whilst there is no way I would be attempting this video in my dance session, their routines to popular songs like Beat pe Booty and Kala Chashma are on youtube and pretty cool! 

 4. Bhangra Empire 

So my list would be incomplete without Bhangra Empire and whilst there are no doubt so many amazing bhangra groups around the world these guys have to stand out for mixing up a standard bhangra performance with an old school bhangra track or english song and putting their own spin on it. They set the bar for all our bhangra performances as we aspired to be like them from steps to routines to music. 

Recently their freestlye videos have got me hooked! Quick snippets that make you wish you spent your spare time breaking out to freestyle bhangra routines with your friends in random places. 

So there it is! All the YouTube channels I think you need to follow for your next dance session. This post took me a lot longer to write than I thought, there are so many amazing dance groups putting there spin on things it was hard to choose! Plus I got side tracked watching all these videos mid writing!.

Enjoy and spread the dance party love! 

xo Prav 

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