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Bolly With Nimmi

Casually performing a Bollywood workshop on a Sunday afternoon for a bridal shower is normal right? Or maybe not!

Last month I had the pleasure of performing to some of my favourite Bollywood tracks with Nimmi and assisting her as she ran a dance class for a small bridal shower - so much fun to do!

I grew up doing Bhangra performances and then Gidha, it was only when I started uni I got roped into more Bollywood performances. Nimmi has been involved in a lot of these and constantly has the task of making up steps, mixing our songs and trying to tame our bouncy and masculine Bhangra steps to a more Dainty and refined Bollywood performance!

She must love the challenge though because she has now branched into Bolly with Nimmi and is offering dance classes to all ages. Whether you personally want to learn how to dance, need a group performance choreographed or are looking for a fun form of entertainment she has has you covered! She has worked with all levels of experience and herself is trained in bharatnatayam (I’m still secretly hoping she starts teaching classical as well! )

Check out her Instagram or Facebook page for more details !

Xo Prav 

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