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Diwali Sweets - A Beginners Attempt

There is nothing like the excuse of a festival eat some mithai! Earlier this week I decided to attempt some sweets and finally try out one of those recipes I pinned with high ambition over a year ago but never attempted (pretty much the story of every recipe on my Pinterest). 

Fellow blogger - Edible and Me has a slew of recipes on her site but for me 

15 minute Coconut Ladoo seemed easy enough and since Peda is my favourite Barfi I thought I would try the Milk Peda recipe as well 

I was pretty impressed with my finished products, the website is great as well because it has step by step pictures which helped a lot! (Links to the recipes are below) 

Coconut Ladoo

Taste wise roasting the almonds is must for that extra flavour. Then just make sure the mixture is cool enough and it will bind quite easily when you roll them. These were a winner on the taste test everyone has loved them 

Milk Peda 

These were a little trickier for me I never seem to know just which cream I’m meant to use all the names are so different ! I ended up buying heavy whipping cream and it turned out ok. You also need to add a fair bit of Saffron and decent amount of sugar or they can be a little bland. The pistachios on top are also a must for flavour. While they don’t quite taste like the Peda I love they sure were an easier alternative. 

I would love to hear of any quick and easy recipes you have ! It’s my kind of cooking style...

xo Prav

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