• Prav

Finding A Good Tailor

I am slightly obsessed with the outfit I wore today.

Firstly because it's my current favourite and secondly because I designed it myself!

Replicas of every single designer are popping up all over social media these days and it's more and more difficult to find something different - I truly believe the best outfits are the ones that suit you - or whatever personality you feel like expressing that day. 

So recently I've started selecting elements of my favourite outfits, putting them together and sending them to india to be designed and made just for me - this is how tonight's outfit came together. 

Inspired by my love for pastels but also needing a pop of colour I opted for mint green, fushia pink and a gold salwar - translating what's in your mind to reality can be tricky (I'll give you some more tips on that later)  but this one turned out to be a winner! 

It's tough finding a good tailor in India, but when you do - hold onto them with your hands, feet and parandi because they're gold!

xo Prav

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