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Finding a Good Threading Lady - The Struggle is Real!

Updated: May 10, 2020

If you are Indian its highly likely that like me your eyebrows are your life! Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic but seriously having the right shape, thickness and length of eyebrows makes a world of difference to your face and nothing beats that clean feeling of freshly threaded eyebrows !

I’m genetically blessed with thick, curly and fast growing eyebrows - I can basically go every two weeks. This didn’t come from my mums side though - she goes once every 6 months and still gets shocked every time I tell her I’m getting my eyebrows done because I literally did them what felt like the week before !

The perks of fast growth - you can try out different ladies and not feel totally anxious because you know they will grow back pretty quick even if they really mess them up!

Finding a good threading lady though is no mean feat ! In saying that Perth has come a long way though from just having one Aunty in the south and one Aunty on the north who serviced all of our threading needs. (If you are punjabi and lived in perth prior to 2005 you probably know exactly what I’m talking about too) Slowly more people started doing threading though and even Zubias opened up - we all laughed at ever paying that price and 10 years later found ourselves going their regularly out of pure convenience!

So i consider myself a pretty good judge of threading Aunty - and it’s hard to come by the perfect one who isn’t incredibly painful,doesn’t cut you and doesn’t complain about your uneven shape or ingrown hairs (I mean who can really resist a little tweezing in between ?)

Aside from this you also hope that they have a clean house set up (nope your dining chair with a pillow from your bed is a little grouse and very uncomfortable ), promptly replies to messages and doesn’t grill you on your personal life or ask for your bio data when you just want to run in and run out It’s also nice if they don’t sneeze on you and maintain personal hygiene

Seems a little too good to be true right ? Well I found my perfect lady five minutes from my house ! (the distance matters My sister and I at one point used to drive 45min to one lady because we loved her shape) And she was perfect!! And my eyebrows were perfect !! I referred her to everyone family ,friends and even work colleagues (that’s ultimate test right when you can recommend them to a non Indian)

So I think you get the idea that I loved my threading lady so much to the point that when she told me she was pregnant I immediately got worried about how much time she would take off and who I would go to? On a recent holiday I got the message that she had stopped working indefinitely So now the struggle is back on ! I’m on the hunt for a new threading lady - preferably as perfect as my last one So far I’ve resorted to two different shopping centre kiosks and another one I found on gumtree - safe to say I’m still looking! These three seperate experiences were enough to write another blog on !

I’ll happily take any suggestions ! Please share the love if you have an amazing threading lady because the struggle to find one is real!

Xo Prav  

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