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How to cut your guest list (and keep your family happy)

Updated: May 10, 2020

A definite point of contention for any event but especially a wedding - for some reason people who have never been to any event of your life expect invites and parents feel obligated to invite everyone!

So how do you create a guest list that doesn’t offend people, keeps you happy and your parents happy?

1. You won’t keep everyone happy and that’s something you’ll need to be prepared for

2. Ask yourself if you would expect to be invited to their event - this really helps clarify the grey area . Put yourself in their shoes.

3. There are certain cases where you may be neutral but it will make someone else’s life difficult and then you need to ask yourself do you really want to fight that battle

4. Do I have a personal connection with them? When’s the last time you actually had a one on one conversation?

5. Do you think you would be invited in the reverse - this is a big one ! And seems obvious but often we forget that just because we like someone it doesn’t mean you would be invited to their child’s wedding

6. Reciprocal invites - remember who invited you and reciprocate just the necessity - you don’t need to go beyond and invite everyone they are related to

Hope this helps you with the tough decisions and if it was like our guest list my parents and I were on the same page with nearly everyone (can’t always be perfect ! )

Finally think about each event and how initimate or elaborate you want it to be. It’s ok Not to invite people to every function just because that’s what has been done before - if you want a small home event with your closest friends and family then plan that and if you don’t want an event for some ceremonies at all then that’s ok too :)

Happy planning !

Xo Prav

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