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PravandTonic Holiday Make-up Essentials

These are my absolute day to day essentials you’ll usually find them in my travels on and they are so foolproof! I’ll put all this on in five minutes before running out the door to work or right before landing without having to join the arduous bathroom ques!

Now I’m definitely not a makeup artist, and anything I do know has been taught to me by my sister (to save herself from getting annoyed at whatever it is I’m doing =)

If you are like me, and like easy to use and easy to transport makeup then you may find yourself falling in love with some of these products too!

Nars Tinted Moisturiser

I’ll start with my all time favourite - the fact that I’m on to my third tube of this beauty speaks for itself. It’s moisturising, gives enough coverage to cover my blemishes and I love the dewy finish I literally wear this everyday! Plus it’s SPF 15+ There are so many shades to choose from and and it comes in two finishes matte or dewy - the matte provides heavier coverage

Dior Lip Glow

I was a little sceptical when I first saw someone using this but it works ! It plumps up your lips and moisturisers them instantly I’m quite lazy so most of the time I just pop this on by itself but pop a little colour over it and it’s the perfect base

MAC Brow Pencil

Again this came recommended and while there are definitely better brow fillers out there this pencil works for me because it’s simple and luckily my brows don’t need a lot of filling - a few strokes and a quick brush and I’m done!

Sephora Pencil Eyeliner

It’s black and it lasts and it’s not too expensive, so it ticks all the boxes for me. I can use it to wing my liner and because of thick pigment it’s super quick to apply (Are you starting to get the jist of what kind of products appeal to me )

Nars Contour Palette

It’s compact and contains all my contouring, blush and highlighting needs (my contour is pretty subtle and basic) Plus it’s powder so I pop it in handlugguge and it doesn’t count towards my liquids - this matters when you are tight on weight restrictions !

Mac Prep n prime fix plus - travel size

I picked this beauty up in duty free the size is perfect for travelling (obviously) but also because I so rarely apply full makeup from start to finish so this will last me a while. When I do use it, it provides an amazing fresh base and a dewy finish I love it !!

Nars Blush Brush

I stole this off my sister - @serinagillmua - she has plenty of brushes not to notice it missing... this size is a winnner to throw in the makeup pouch I keep in my handbag !

Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara

I wear this all day everyday - it’s so easy to apply and I realised I’ve stopped using my curler too - it gives the perfect thickness for day or night. Thanks to heerapit makeup artist for getting me onto this - the perks of talented friends!

Illuminator - Mecca

I love this because it adds a little glow to my face and I can apply it with my fingers and blend it in - a plus when trying to cut down on your makeup ! 

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