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Quick 5 Guide to Wedding Shopping in Punjab

1. Nilibar (Ludhiana) Yes they are a little pricey but you will find things other stores don’t have (actual one off pieces not in a 100 colours for good reason ) .

I picked up all my saris here. I also chose my first Lehengha here before changing to the one I wore. A lot of my Mums and sisters outfits were from here too.

2. Poshak (Chandigarh)

We’ve shopped here for over 10 years - every time we have been to Punjab and we are never disappointed. Their ready made selection is the best, they always have the latest cuts you’ve been eyeing online.

For my wedding I got both my wedding and reception outfits from here and their turn around time and quality of stitching was spot on ! (They actually had mine ready early)

The con: Chandigarh shopping generally comes with a slight markup (and they don’t tend to bargain ). But when you are short on time and you compare it to online or shopping overseas it is definitely worth a visit.

3. Ask Locals

For post wedding outfits or smaller functions.

We’ve always found great outfits where our family shops (luckily we have a Mamijee with great taste). They are more flexible with dropping clothes to your house and getting things done fast for you.

I would stay away from the big Frontier type stores unless you are shopping for your main functions and like their style (Aka Bling).

Jots wedding day outfit was made by Bharat Cloth House (Bange) in four days and they even changed the trim on the palla for me within a couple of hours before we flew out.

4. Get your artifical jewellery online

The price range is on par and it’s a lot easier to see a range of styles and fully picture your look when you can take a step back and think about it all. The shops in Punjab tend have the same style and you can get overwhelmed looking at the same thing in 10 different colours. Unless you know where to go or have time (which most of us don’t ) this is one part of the shopping you can finish off when you are back with all your outfits

5. Be open minded - especially if you are short on time. Unless you plan on getting something custom made you will be limited to what they have there. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a great selection, just that it might not match an image you’ve fallen in love with when researching.

Shopping is as much fun as it is chaotic, there really is nothing like it so enjoy the madness and have fun!

Happy Shopping! Xo Prav

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