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Ritika Sachdeva - Your Go To For Your Boho Jewellery Fix

Updated: May 10, 2020

When a lot of people think of jewellery to go with their indian clothes they go straight for the bling. For me there is nothing worse than a necklace set that has coloured stones to match the exact colour of your outfit - trust me you don't need a set to identically match every different coloured outfit you own. 

That doesn't mean you should hold back on your jewellery collection though.. 

My love for antique silver jewellery began around the first time my sister went to Rajasthan and brough me back a giant pair of silver earrings that were as light as a feather! They are to date one of my favourite pairs! 

Whilst Rajasthan is on my bucket list of places to see I won't be going any time soon but I'll have no trouble sourcing silver jewellery to wear thanks to Ritika Sachdeva. I recently featured her jewellery when I came across the stunning shoot in Uluru with Parineeti Chopra, but I've had my eye or her unique style long before that constantly seeing it on different celebrities paired with everything from saris, to cotton kameez's or a crisp white shirt. 

I am in love with their whole collection! It's perfect for people like me who love anything with old world charm but are also a little boho in their style. 

I'm already planning my printed sari to pair with one of their long necklaces ( how I will choose my favourite I do not yet know) and their earrings lined ghungaroos will look super cute with a casual kurti. 

If I wasn't obsessed with this brand enough already - their latest line incorporates the tassle trend. It goes without saying I'll be throwing a pair of these in my cart too! The fact that I can wear their jewellery with both english and indian clothes makes it all very easy to justify. 

So you can imagine my excitement when Ritika Sachdeva offered FREE SHIPPING to my followers. It's happened all to often whereby I find a great site that ships to Australia (this is more problematic than you may think) but the shipping ends up being equal value to whatever I'm buying! 

Check out their full collections on their website and instagram page (sachdeva.ritika) 

In the meantime I'll be trying to narrow down the pieces I intend to add to my jewellery collection in time for the summer wedding season. I already wish I had that chocker (see image below) for a sari I recently wore. 

To ensure you get free shipping simply direct message via the instagram page 'Sachdeva.Ritika' and mention my blog #pravandtonic or the code 'PAT X RS' and you will get free shipping on any order. 

I can't wait to see how you rock this jewellery 

xo Prav 

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