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Stop me the next time I say I wish I could work from home

Updated: May 10, 2020

I spent a morning at home this week on late shift and observed my husband working from home.

In that one morning I felt anxious, confined, stressed and unmotivated. I decided that those working from home during Covid19 deserve a shout out too!

Whilst I am putting myself at risk at work, I am lucky to be young and healthy with a strong immune system. I also don’t have to worry about who I can potentially expose at home except for my poor husband who would get it no matter what.

Other than not being able to go out on weekends and adjusting to new measures at work my day is relatively unaffected by Covid19.

Compare this to those who have shifted their workplace to the home.

Talking to friends and family I laughed, I sympathised and I admired them but I couldn’t relate.

From having to set up a place to work at home - some sharing that space with their partner, balancing working from home with entertaining a toddler or trying to home school. Even for those without kids having to stay at home in a quiet confined space all day - is a real challenge!

I feel so blessed to be able to leave the house for work, get some fresh air, socialise with my colleagues and share the workload and stresses of the day. (Which have increased for sure but I luckily have a great team to help cope with it )

So for those who are working from home, hang in there, you are doing an amazing job too! Having your daily routine changed, your workspace changed and being physically isolated is tough enough without all the questions and uncertainty of Covid 19 added to it.

To everyone, please look after yourselves and focus on what makes you feel good!

Also please limit your news time and follow reputable sites for your information.

I deal with stress by researching and educating myself about every little detail - to understand the facts and figures. But hey that’s just me! If that fails it’s yoga and wine.

Stay Healthy - Mentally & Physically!

xo Prav

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