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The Start of Prav and Tonic

Where on earth do I start?

That pretty much sums how I have felt the last few months .. okay since the star the year really. I am so excited to finally publish and welcome you all! (as are those who have put up with my indecisiveness in starting this over the better part of this year). The past year for me has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, with so many lessons learnt throughout - one of them being a real appreciation of just how unique you are and valuing all the factors that have contributed to that. Here is a little insight into where I'm coming from... 

I am Australian born and bred, but ask me what culture I am and where I'm from and you sure won't get a straight forward answer. I am Punjabi, born in Perth and raised by British born parents. I couldn't imagine a better place than Perth to grow up! My childhood was filled with long summers running around in the sprinklers on the front lawn after school and eating cold watermelon or sneaking sips of my Babajees shandy to keep cool! Having no family around us my mum was determined for us to maintain our culture. So every Sunday morning was spent at Gurdwara - usually the only day we would see other Punjabis in what was a small Indian community. From the age of 6 I was in my first Bhangra performance, and at 8 I was doing Kirtan with my sister. And so my medley of cutlures was formed. Since I can remember I have loved listening to punjabi music, watching bollywood movies and watching any family wedding video we got sent on repeat! This ran along side parents who loved Elvis and Blondie as much as Gurdas Mann and Pankaj Udhas, and never failed to give us a full tradition English Christmas experience (minus the weather). 

So there you have it - I am third generation, I'm a mix of British, Australian and Punjabi in culture, in some peoples eyes I'm a freshie/fob, in others a "coconut"or westernised & modern - I like to think of myself as the perfect mix of it all! Welcome to my World... 

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