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Will you be my Bridesmaid? (DIY)

There are so many adorable ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ Ideas out there, and I always knew this was something I wanted to do.

I love giving gifts and seeing people’s reactions when they open them (even the ones who find it really awkward)

I don’t have specific bridesmaids in the western sense but there are some special relationships that don’t fall under friends or family. For me it was a gesture to show my friends like family how much they mean to me and a thank you in advance for all their help along the wedding planning process !

Personalisation and practicality were my two key factors - here’s how I put it all together:

1. Blank photos cards - Kikki.K.

I printed my favourite photo with each person & wrote ‘will you be my bridesmaid (or bhabimaid?) on the inside along with a personalised message.

2. Stemless wine glasses - Kmart

Drinks taste better in pretty glasses - it’s a fact

3. Name decals from Etsy store - The Decal Den

They were a last minute rush order, I picked them up after work and they were a breeze to put on

4. Notebook & Pen - Kmart

For all the planning - on the inside I wrote what aspects of the planning I would especially be needing their help e.g. Outfit design or hens planning

5. Mini Tissue Pack - Typo

Because we cant help but get emotional ! And these ones are super cute with their motivational quotes on them

6. Kraft brown Gift Box & Ribbon - The Reject Shop

They have a great choice of sizes and styles

For my sisters I threw in a little extra lush product to help get their skin event ready ! (Because only sisters know that much detail about your skincare).

It was pretty simple to put together (and cost effective) and the reactions were priceless !

I would highly recommend making your own because there is nothing like adding a personal touch.

Would love to hear what you did

xo Prav

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